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Prices and related information

includes ... Prices, Licensing, Annual Maintenance, Support, Upgrades, Training & System Requirements

Terms & Conditions

You are deemed to have accepted our conditions when purchasing our software whether you have read them or not.

Prices of Current Products and Services

There are 3 versions of Project Commander

Project Commander List Price
(exc p&p and VAT)
Full Professional version
Personal *
Barchart *

If you download direct from the web - you only pay the List Price quoted above.

Multiple prices for the Professional version are listed below.

There are no multiple discounts for the Personal/Barchart versions and these have no network install option.



This has all the same features as the full version, but only allows 30 tasks per project(If you have a project with more than 30 tasks, you can create each page of 30 in different files and print them separately.)


This version only allows you to create a barchart.

To view competitive and more details of all versions click here

The information below refers only to the full Profession version...

Project Commander
Support pa optional
Single copy 395   from £45 per company
5 licences 1,175  
10 licences 1,925  
20 licences 3,050  
Site licence 4,500  
Company licence 7,500  
Group licence 15,000  
Educational site licence 300  

The above prices exclude VAT.

Telephone support is included as part of Annual Maintenance.

Note: Project Commander is a comprehensive planning product available in network or stand-alone installations. If the number of licences you require is not listed, please ring or email for a quote.

Registered charities

Charitable Licences are only available for the full Professional version (ie. not the low budget options).

PMSC offer a 75% discount on the equivalent Software price above. The maximum cost for use of the software across all offices of a named charity for unlimited use is capped at £1,000 plus VAT.

In the Public sector..

A Site Licence equates to a SITE/DEPARTMENTAL LICENCE and covers a city/town location or a named Department within a county or regional area.

A Company Licence equates to a ORGANISATIONAL LICENCE and covers a whole named organisation within a county or regional area.

A Group Licence equates to a UK ORGANISATIONAL LICENCE and covers a whole named organisation across the UK.

Stand-alone and Network Licensing for Project Commander
Choose the best licensing option for your circumstances: stand-alone, network or a combination of the two.

Stand-alone licence
Each stand-alone installation is registered separately. Each licence covers one install on one computer plus an extra install, for the registered user only, to cover a second PC (for a laptop or home PC).

Network and mixed licences
Network licences are based on the number of concurrent users – which means the number of users that want to access the software at the same time. You can install the client software on any number of client computers (once the server software has been installed) but the number of concurrent users will be controlled.

A single user licence entitles you to either a stand-alone or network installation. With the network option you can install the client software on any number of workstations – but only one person will be able to use it at once.

Total licences can be shared between stand-alone and network users.

Note: Both products come with a free Project Viewer so you will not need to purchase any licences for users who merely need to view and/or print reports.

Unlimited licence conditions
The licence allows the programme to be copied onto any number of computers owned by your organisation. We will provide one special install code to activate the software, which would need to be controlled by a person or the main IT department. We would not give out this code to your employees – they would contact whoever is responsible for delegation of the code. Alternatively, we will provide a pre-registered version to allow imaging or remote silent installations.

An unlimited licence includes one master downlaod that can be copied for use by all employees and temporary contract staff that are involved in work for that company site or on any PC that is owned by the organization, in that company site. Project Commander may also be run on a network – installation procedures are written in the manual.

We waive the copyright of the manual, you are free to photocopy or reproduce parts of the manual and disk without obligation at the purchaser’s expense.

In special agreed circumstances, PMSC will allow users or PC’s away from the designated site address to be covered under this agreement. This covers workers that are based at client sites, other company offices or work from home/abroad.

At the time of ordering (or as soon as possible), it is the client’s responsibility to clarify this issue – as PMSC reserves the right to refuse granting use outside the nominated address.


No employee should be allowed to copy software or manuals for his own personal use, for commercial resale or to provide services for unassociated colleagues.
The company should take reasonable precautions to ensure that the software is not put on non company computers, but if it is then it has the responsibility to ensure that the software is removed should an employee or contract worker leave their employment.

If the employee needs to copy the software on to his/her own PC at home, that is allowed, but the company must guard against unauthorized use and demonstrate all reasonable precautions have been taken to avoid fraud.

Each install has a UNIQUE serial code that is recorded. If any unauthorized person attempts to install a copy, PMSC will prosecute the owner of the Serial Number for fraudulent practice.

If you have any questions, please you the contact us.

Telephone Support

In order to offer an immediate service to our clients we must, like many software companies, levy annual charges for priority support (see price tables above).

Annual Telephone Support Agreement (grom current cost £45 plus VAT).

Important exclusions

Support is only available using email.

Training is available at your offices as half and full day options. Please contact PMSC for a quote.

System Requirements

Any downloaded version from our website is for stand-alone or server.

Stand-alone version ...
20 mb space (including project files)
256mb RAM & 1Ghz(minimum)
512mb RAM & 2 Ghz or above (recommended)

1 mb space for project files
256mb RAM & 1Ghz(minimum)
512mb RAM & 2 Ghz or above (recommended)

For the server, the client is very thin (100k). It contains only a local INI file and a desktop icon and list in Programs menu.
The client loads the whole programme into memory (approx 14mb) and all data is processed locally.
Client installs on to a workstation - do not allow stand-alone use.

Server install you need ...
20mb space (excluding project files - average 50k).

The software does not use a proprietary database or require internet connection to operate.

  • Operating Systems
    • Workstations - Windows 2000 and above - no special pack
    • Servers – Windows 2000 and above - no special pack - not software dependant.
    • Citrix, Terminal Server and Peer-Peer networks can be installed.
  • Databases - Not applicable.
  • Web Browsers - Not applicable.
  • Win7/8/10 compatible - Yes.
  • 64bit compatible - Yes

Note: Versions 6.23 and earlier are not Win7+ compatible and will allow you to install but not register. Versions 6.3 & after will run under XP/Vista & Win7+.


The cheapest and best quality product in the planning world with a reliable 26 years history of  continual development.