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We offer high quality but relatively low cost training at your offices anywhere in the UK, using our own dedicated trainers.

As an alternative, we offer live training over the internet - we can connect our pc to yours using the web. This is a very effective low cost and you can run short courses at any time of the day, even out of hours or at home at night or the weekends. All you need is an internet connection (not dialup) and a phone with loud speaker. Should you wish to include several people, then you can project your pc onto a screen or you can gather several people around a pc and you would need a speaker phone. The technology only allows us to connect to one pc at your end.

Cost for live training via the web starts at £250 plus VAT (minimum 2 hours) and thereafter £125 plus VAT per hour.

Training at your offices can be half or full day. For a group of 2-3 persons, full day courses start from £525 plus travel & accommodation.

Please contact us for a quote.

For examples of course content

We are happy to tailor the course content to your needs. An experienced trainer will contact you in advance and plan the agenda in full consultation, taking into account your requirements and level of experience.

We will structure training around your particular plans if you supply them.

Sample Introductory Course:

  • How to create and update a bar chart
  • Zoom and freeze panes
  • Timescale headings and range
  • Paper size
  • Legends
  • Colouring bars
  • Milestones
  • Bar text
  • Row insertion and deletion
  • Shifting projects and blocks of bars
  • Calendar and shading
  • Simple progress

Sample Intermediate Course:

  • All topics in the introductory course above
  • Progress
  • Baseline
  • Critical path and linking
  • Summary tasks
  • Text fonts
  • User columns
  • Changing fonts
  • Freeform text
  • Importing graphics

Sample Advanced Course:

  • All topics in the intermediate course above
  • Cashflow
  • S curves
  • Cost reports
  • Export to Excel and Word
  • Copy and paste to Excel
  • Resources (optional)

Note: We cannot cover all these topics on a one-day course as our trainer can only go as fast as the slowest person. However, it is our aim to cover as much as possible to ensure the delegates are reasonably proficient and understand how to apply their plans to the software.

The cheapest and best quality product in the planning world .