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Support & Installations
Disputes of ownership

Support & installations

When you purchase, you have bought a licence for a named user (unless a network or unlimited licence).

There is no free support. For assistqance you must purchase a Annual Support Contract from £45 plus VAT, All support is by email.


When you upgrade a licence or licences, the previous licences are cancelled and so should be uninstalled.

Companies in Administration or Liquidated

When a company goes into Liquidation or Administration - the licences registered in the company's name, then belong to the Liquidator and the software licences cannot be transferred unless there is evidence a further company has bought all the assets of the liquidated company as a going concern. For individuals, licences can only be transferred if they have purchased the licence/s for a reasonable sum and proof of purchase can be supplied using a letter or receipt from the Liquidator.

Disputes of ownership

If an individual has purchased the licence using a personal credit card, the licences belong to the employing company if the expenses have been reimbursed. If there is any dispute - PMSC will contact the company concerned for clarification on ownership. PMSC is the final arbiter in such a dispute.

PMSC will always offer a substantial discounted price for an existing user that no longer has a valid licence.