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Support & Installations
Disputes of ownership

Support & installations

When you purchase, you have bought a licence in perpetuity for a named user (unless a network or unlimited licence).

You are allowed to ring our 01226 792222 number  the first installation of each licence.

If you have not taken out an Annual Maintenance Agreement (prices start from £145 plus VAT) or subscribed to an Annual Telephone Agreement (£45 plus VAT) – you must use our premium rate Help Line number 0907 004 3939 for extra support for technical or user questions or re-installations of the software.

As an alternative for re-registration – there is an email facility on the Registration screen to request a Authorisation code – but you will be placed in a queue and a response will not be necessarily immediate. You can also email direct for a code – but you need to provide all user and company details and Serial No with the Installation code. Again you will be placed in a queue.

Unless you are on an Annual Maintenance Agreement or an Annual Telephone Agreement – we will not respond to email or telephone user/technical queries on 01226 792222 – you must ring our premium rate Help Line number 0907 004 3939.

These terms also apply to any third party IT Support companies that ring on your behalf. It is your responsibility to inform them.

By purchasing Project Commander – you agree fully to all of the above terms – whether you have read this document or not.

The link to this document was clearly stated on either or all of your quotes, email confirmations attached with your invoice or on the invoice itself.


When you upgrade a licence or licences, the previous licences are cancelled and so should be uninstalled.

Companies in Administration or Liquidated

When a company goes into Liquidation or Administration - the licences registered in the company's name, then belong to the Liquidator and the software licences cannot be transferred unless there is evidence a further company has bought all the assets of the liquidated company as a going concern. For individuals, licences can only be transferred if they have purchased the licence/s for a reasonable sum and proof of purchase can be supplied using a letter or receipt from the Liquidator.

Disputes of ownership

If an individual has purchased the licence using a personal credit card, the licences belong to the employing company if the expenses have been reimbursed. If there is any dispute - PMSC will contact the company concerned for clarification on ownership. PMSC is the final arbiter in such a dispute.

PMSC will always offer a substantial discounted price for an existing user that no longer has a valid licence.