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Project planning in the 21st century
Accurate and timely project planning and monitoring is at the core of controlling timescales and costs and managing resources.

More and more organisations are finding good computerised project management to be essential.

Project planning in many medium to small sized companies falls to managers rather than experienced planners and is often spread across the organisation to persons heading specific projects. They, just as much as full-time planners, need a software tool that is straightforward, intuitive, strongly graphical and capable of highly professional output.

Choosing a software tool for project planning
Planning products from the large household names (for example Microsoft Project ) have proved to be inadequate, difficult to use without training, expensive to purchase in multiple units and inflexible in terms of reporting.

Many organisations have resorted to using Excel as a planning tool, but though it can create simple plans, it is not suited to integrated management or to the generation of plans that need regular updating.

Project Commander is a modern project management package (with none of the above disadvantages) which is excellent for:

  • Tendering/Proposals
    It allows you to create high quality project plans that reflect a corporate image to customers. Combination reports allow cost and resource graphs to be incorporated in concise presentations.

  • Planning
    Plans can include potential risk time allowances to reflect uncertainty.

  • Progress reporting to clients
    Progress to date reports, using task % complete and baseline, show clients how the actuals compare to the target in terms of the timeline, costs and resources.

  • Rescheduling and what-ifs
    For projects that are behind target, tasks can be automatically rescheduled by Project Commander with a single click; alternatively outstanding tasks can be replanned from the current date. Multiple levels of undo allow plans to be easily reworked.

  • Progress reporting internally
    Project Commander has a number of reports that analyse the project for use in progress meetings and in forecasting timescale, costs and resources against targets.

  • Communication
    Project Commander includes a toolkit of useful features:
    1. Plans can be saved in Word documents for easy distribution.
    2. Any report/graph can be saved as an image which can be included in Word or PowerPoint as part of a report or presentation.
    3. The free Project Viewer, which allows Project Commander files to be viewed but not changed, can be distributed internally or to clients (without the need to worry about licensing or cost).

  • Executive reporting
    For management, there is a range of reports and graphics that can be applied to a single project or a group of projects.

Choosing a software tool for cost & resource planning


John Fozard, Managing Director says "Project Commander has improved further and further. It allows you to keep important Notes on each task which can be copied and pasted from any text from emails, Excel, Word. These notes can be selectively printed. Materials lists and a Materials Order Management system is embedded in all task data to document material requirements and ordering & deliveries."