We have over 5,000 companies that use our software (many in the construction industry) all over the UK & Ireland and we are expanding into other industries since using the internet to market our product. See Client List for recent purchasers.
To help you evaluate the software, we can arrange a live demo of the internet (that will take 15 minutes to 2 hours - you choose) and we can show you exactly what the product does. We do not employ salesman, only IT professionals with a long experience of planning (also in Construction software).

We at PMSC are a very professional company like you - that believes in total customer service, support and satisfaction too.

Our software is used across all industries today.We have many companies in construction for design & build, civils, housing, joinery (design, manufacture, installation) and other sub contract trades (M&E, windows, plumbing, roofing, decorating)

If you require a software company that answers the phone within 3 rings with a human voice; has construction experts at the other end of the phone and no music; answer problems immediately without putting you on hold; gives a friendly professional services at a price between 20-80% cheaper than the competition - then you must read on.

Why are we like this? - it is because we set up the company in 1990 with quality of service and product in mind and that means 96% of our revenue comes from existing users - so we need to look after you at all costs. Many of our users have been with us for over 10 years and many are phone/email friends. Many construction companies work on slender margins, so we aim to keep the cost of planning software down to absolute minimum.

You have used other planning software in the past - you will find that working with us is a totally new and satisfying experience. We all enjoy our jobs and interacting with our clients. Our aim is to build a trusting and friendly relationship with our users and potential clients. We develop, support and train on our product Project Commander and it is our only product - so we are experts.

You will find there are massive savings to be made compared to Microsoft Project - when you are looking into multiple users now or in the future. At a local council, we saved them over £19,000 on buying an unlimited licence of Project Commander against the cost of 200 licences of Microsoft Project. You may not be that size, but you can still get large discounts of up to 80% less than Microsoft pricing when you have multiple users. A typical 5 user licence for Project Commander is £850 against around £1750 for 5 licences for Microsoft Project.

You will only experience the quality of our product and service by actually using us.

Is there any risk in buying your software?

Project Commander was written originally for the construction industry. We have been in business since 1990 through some pretty difficult recessions in the mid 90's. We have 30,000 users in the UK in over 4,000 companies - based in the construction and allied industries. Our product Project Commander is upgraded regularly with features for the construction. We have many large and small user companies - but our target market place is companies turning over £2-£50million .

Who are your major construction clients in the UK?

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First - evaluation

If you have little or no time to look at the software - we can demonstrate it live over the internet (so all you need is a Broadband equivalent connection) and a phone. We can display our screen direct on to your pc and take you through a demo for no matter how long you wish - 5 minutes, 15 minutes or even 2 hours. We can do this at any time day or night; working day or weekend - so if you wish to do this in the comfort of your own home - where it is quiet - there is no problem - just pre-book the time with us.

If you want a group of people to see you can gather everyone around one screen at your end or project it on a screen (if you have a projector) and put the phone on loud speaker - so everyone can listen.

We can answer all your questions and even manipulate the screens/reports to show you how it would work in your environment.

We have no salesman - so using this method you will not feel pressurised and it takes all the risk of buying something that may not work.All our staff that do these internet demos have been with us for over 10 years and have 15-25 years of construction software behind them - so are experts in their field.

Our people have the utmost integrity and will answer your questions clearly and truthfully and we would never mislead anyone. This is one of the reasons we do not employ sales persons - as no one is commission driven and needs to mislead anyone to get a sale by disception.

Where you are looking for multiple licences - we could arrange a visit to your offices - where we can give a live demo.

Second - can the software be changed to suit me?

We have made the software very flexible so that it can handle simple projects (with a list of tasks), complex projects with stages and even has a multi-project facility. Only a demonstration direct from us will show it's full capability.

There are features in that allow you to do tenders with cost projections, progress reporting using % complete or compare actuals to plan, cost forecasts, resource planning.

Third - can I make it simple for any one to use?

Yes - you with our help over the phone or ourselves can customise screens and reports so that users only need to input or display information they need. So you can make customised screens (like Excel) so you show only the columns you want.

This makes it really easy to use by site people, estimators, QS, secretaries - as well as contract managers and planners.

Fourth - can you train us?

If you need training - we have two options - we can come on-site and train up to 8 persons or as a low cost and low time option, we can train you over the internet and using the phone. We have software where you can see or screen over the internet or we can see your screen. This facility is useful for small groups or one to one training - as this only allows us to connect 2 pc's - one at your end. Many users often hook the pc up to a projector if there is more than a couple of people involved. Training over the internet can cost as low as £100.

All our trainers have over 10 years Project Commander and 15-25 years of construction software behind them - so are experts in their field.

Fifth - what advanced features do you have?

Critical Path :  Progress Reporting - Planned v Actual % : Cashflow graphs : Actual v Planned barcharts : Network diagrams  : Resource Histograms  : Monthly valuation forecasts : Plan Plant : Plan Materials : Export to Excel, Word, PowerPoint  : Save as PDF  : Export to Microsoft Project, PowerProject, Primavera  : Import data from Microsoft Project, PowerProject, Primavera.

Sixth - I have used Microsoft Project before or I am evaluating Microsoft Project against Project Commander?

The most important thing to say is our company and product is geared totally to the Construction industry. No-one who has used our product and experienced our friendly and professional service would ever replace Project Commander with MS Project. However, many companies have dropped MS Project because it does not have the flexibility to customise it to exactly how you want to use as well as it has a lack of construction features.

Unlike MS Project, for office based people, Project Commander can be used on a network and so give all your attached workstations for the minimum cost of one licence. For Microsoft you would have to buy individual licences for each pc - even those that just want to display the projects only.

Even for stand-alone licences - for multiple licences we can save you 30-80% compared to MS Project.

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Seventh - What if my client has Microsoft Project or does not have Project Commander?

If you do work for clients that have MS Project, you can easily open a MPP file and save in a MPX format that MS Project can read. So you have the full ability to transfer data both ways between Project Commander and MS Project.

We also provide a Project Viewer free of charge on the install CD or you can download it off our website at no cost. This allows your clients to view your Project Commander file without having to buy Project Commander or your own users in the company that only want to view/print but not update, you do not need to incur any cost - you install the Project Viewer free of charge.

We bundle a free PDF writer with every install and this allows you to send files in a PDF format that can be read at no cost by Acrobat Reader.

Eighth - What about Asta PowerProject?

PowerProject is £895 + maintenance £179 - so is nearly £1100. Project Commander at £375 has all the features that 98% of all advanced users will need. Do not waste your money buying PowerProject unless you are one of the most advanced planners in the UK.

Asta also have a product called Easyplan at £195 - but has many major options missing from a proper project planning package - no critical path, all linked bars have to be manually moved if one changes, no baseline, no resources, no costing. No Network version. No big discounts for multiple licences. Also they offer no support after 30 days unless you pay for it. People may think they are buying an expensive product at a cut down price - but many features have been cut out - so it functions at the bear minimum and so could be regarded as bad value for money when compared to Project Commander - which has all the features that PowerProject has at a third of the price. You would not buy a TV in a pub that only got BBC1 - no matter how cheap it was.

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