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This a complimentary program provided by PMSC for plan file viewing and printing. You can download, and then copy it onto other pc's without charge.

Current version : 8.4 Build 3400   Last updated : 1 November 2018

Note : Do not download the Viewer to a pc that has a full version of Project Commander stand-alone or a network client.

Obtaining the Project Viewer
Download the 11.3Mb  installation file (see link below), then run the installation.

1. Download
Start the download with a click on the link:

Alternative download site - If the above link fails try the following alternative:

On a standard broadband link the download time will be about 3 minutes. On an enhanced broadband line (eg BT Infinity) expect the download to take about 15 seconds.

2. Install
To install run the downloaded file and follow the instructions on the screen.

What's new
Current users (and others) interested in what's new in the latest version of Project Commander are referred to the links under New features in Project Commander - see them online or download and optionally print out.


This download page will be always be available for you to download in the future or you can pay extra for a CD.