Project Commander is a British product written especially for the SME's in the construction industry with 5,500 company users. Due to the rapid development over the last few years, it is now the fastest growing planning software and product of choice for companies with turnover between £1.5 and £50m.

In our recent market research of the fastest growing construction companies, 20% of those already have Project Commander. We go head to head with Microsoft Project and we invariably win due to the fact we are much cheaper, much easier to use, have by far superior construction features and have a proper backup support by construction experts. In fact, we have replaced Microsoft Project in many clients that have realised they needed a better system.

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Our userbase covers the whole spectrum of the industry ...   

Main contractors 

Tenders with client cashflow graphs. 

Create project plan and move the whole plan or parts across the timescale with one mouse click.
Quick and easy method of linking bars with the mouse to calculate Critical Path.
Fast way to add costs (and revenue) to tasks to create and update the cashflow (and profit).
Colour bars for sub contractors and print individual plans for each subbie.
Progress reports show Actual % (& costs) versus Planned % (& costs).
Update Preliminary Costs as project duration lengthens.Show Actual bars and Original plan bars.
Graph Actual & Forecast costs and Revenue versus Original costs.
Export cashflow data to Excel with one mouse click.

(For resource features see below)

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Sub contractors

Analyse resources across labour and plant/equipment & materials (if required).
Create resource histograms and resource usage spreadsheets.
Allocate teams of resources as a group with one click.
Cost rates per named labour resource, per item of plant.Materials can be costed out individually or by a lump sum per task.
Update bars and change resource allocations as tasks need to be rescheduled.

Progress reports show Actual hours versus Planned hours.
Graph Actual & Forecast hours versus Original hours.
Export resource data to Excel with one mouse click.

(For plan and cost features see above)

Manufacturing Sub contractors 

As well as the above ...
Create Project plans from order, through design, manufacture, delivery and installation.
For Design departments, Project Commander has a multi project feature that allows a Design Manager to plan and resource all contracts to anage/prioritorise manpower.
Contract/Project Managers can clearly identify all processes including the date requirements for Drawings and approvals.
Project Commander is not capable of manufacturing scheduling - but Contract/Project Managers can accurately schedule the manufacturing time window to meet the contract.

Manufacturing Suppliers 

Project Commander is used for large Projects, Product plans, Design projects, Automation projects, Marketing projects, special and IT projects.


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