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Project Commander versus Microsoft Project Server


Project Commander is fully featured planning software. It contains all of the features of Microsoft Project Standard & Microsoft Project Professional.

Pricing on the Networked Server version is based on concurrent users - so you do not pay for each workstation (like Microsoft).

It can be installed on a network server for the cost of a single concurrent userlicence ( UK £375 plus VAT ) and any workstation on the network can access the software. Each additional licence only cost UK £175 plus VAT. Prices in other countries may vary. *

Microsoft Project Server requires SQL. Purchase Project Server software or the expensive Project Professional version for each workstation. With Microsoft Project Server you do get multi user realtime update, but this will cost several thousands of pounds for only a small number of users. Project Commander can mirror this for 90% less - if you only require a multi file environment and one user access per file at a time.

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