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Project Commander versus Microsoft Project

John Fozard, Managing Director says "Project Commander is a mature product and has replaced Microsoft Project as the product of choice in many private and public sector organisations.

Microsoft has only released versions since 2003 at intervals of 3 years and if you look under the bonnet, you will see that there have been very few product developments. Many customers perceive that all that has really changed is the label. Now Microsoft do not allow upgrades - so to get the latest versions you have to pay full price again.

By contrast, Project Commander has continued and will continue to develope at a rapid rate with 30 major releases since 2000- with an emphasis on making the software most cost effective and even easier to use. "

Click here to download 100 reasons why to change or purchase Project Commander instead of Microsoft Project.

For previous users of Microsoft Project, Project Commander overcomes many of the problem issues which Microsoft Project has suffered from for over 15 years - since it's first release ...

  1. The user easily fits the chart to any size paper and the number of pages you want, filling the full page.
  2. All bars and link types can be drawn with the mouse and draw multiple bars per line.
  3. Position multiple bars and multiple type symbols on the same row.
  4. It is WYSIWYG which means you layout each page as it prints including the title, logos, pictures and legends.
  5. Include section headings.
  6. You can easily colour bars and create your own legend at the bottom.
  7. Filter the bar chart using the bar colours.
  8. Show project non working day shadings on all timescales.
  9. Create a To Do list
  10. There is a low cost effective server version.
  11. There is a free Project Viewer downloadable for internal persons that only need to view/print Project Commander files or can be downloaded by your clients.
  12. You can create combined reports with barcharts and cost/resource graphs/tables as standards.
  13. Create a Professional Border with boxes to highlight a corporate image for presentation.
  14. Save the output as a picture to use in PowerPoint or Word or as a PDF (A PDF Creator is included free of charge in the installer).


Just recently, a dealer rang to quote for Microsoft Project on a network version with 2 Professional version users and 20 users that need read only access plus 15 stand-alone Standard versions .
QUOTE : £10,000 plus

Project Commander has a free Project Viewer and 17 licences are £1,500 (for use on network or standalone).
QUOTE : £1,500

SAVING £8,500 (85% LESS)

That is not a one off situation. Project Commander savings get bigger and bigger as the number of licences required increases.

Kirklees reap the benefits of a change from Microsoft

The Council  reaped the benefits in the past. Mike Pownall, IT Project Manager at Kirklees says “Prior to purchasing a Project Commander site licence, Kirklees Council were spending £26k per annum on Project software licences with a cost per seat of about £200. With Project Commander, our cost per seat has fallen to less than £1 per annum. We now just pay £1500 annual maintenance to cover the upgrades and support.”

 Helen Bennett also at Kirklees says “Project Commander has enabled more staff to have access to project software within the council for a small cost. This has enabled more staff to become competent at using the software to assist in project management. It does not have the same steep learning curve of Microsoft Project and therefore can be used easily and appropriately by staff. The functionality is similar to Microsoft Project and there can be transfer from one to another if required.”


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