project management
Project Commander clients - recently purchased


Many companies have bought recently
from different parts of the UK, Europe and the

Use in the construction industry is widespread
and includes
house building/property development, as well as
professional services
(Architects, QS, Engineers, Consultants)
construction manufacturers (Joinery, Interiors, Tiling).

The diversity of industries is very wide from
Offshore Banking to Marine, Aerospace to Brewing
Consultants to Pharmaceuticals, Retail to Charities &
all aspects of Construction.

Project Commander has most of the functionality
of Microsoft Project Standard Edition plus many other
unique features (some not found in any project
management software at ten times the price).

Therefore it can be used for any industry or any type
of personnel from total beginners to planning to
experienced planners.

Many local authorities use PMSC software, and there
are many universities and colleges using it as
a teaching example of a modern graphically based
project planning package.

Project Commander has a large user base in the
exacting construction and allied industry
especially - where creating and updating plans, costs and
resources (labour, equipment & materials) need to
be rigorous to display the project, show progress and
forecast to completion.

Project Commander clients include IT consultants, IT
& Web Designers along with more more traditional
users in equipment manufacture, engineering
and pharmaceuticals.

Newer industries are using our planning software
in farms, travel industry, marketing,
business consultancy
and even medical transport.