PROJECT COMMANDER - Project Management Software


Project Commander is the most popular low cost desktop and client/server project software in the UK, with a reputation for quality, rich number of features and service.

It is the most popular alternative to Microsoft Project by far, not only just for the price - but it is easier to use and there is a very cheap solution for servers too (when you grow usage).

For people that have used Microsoft Project in the past or do not want to pay upgrade costs or have clients that use MS Project - Project Commander can read and write Microsoft Project files - so there is no excuse not to move over.

Every day of every week, people are changing their personal software or their company strategy away from MS Project to a British product like Project Commander and saving on purchase and training costs.

Click on our lovely Linda to hear all about Project Commander in a series of videos about ....

transfer data to/from Microsoft Project
use in Construction
use in a multiple project environment
use on a server

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Here are some examples of companies and industry types that have bought in the last 2 months...

Commercial Gas Energy Renfrewshire
Datamine Software South Africa
Wilmslow Design & Build Construction Wilmslow
A1 Paper Stationery Paper Birmingham
Checkmate New Home Warranty Insurance London
Billflow Engineering Bebbington
Forrester Construction Construction Loughborough
Kiight Kavanagh Construction Bury
Robinson Metalwork Metalwork Luton
Keanes Ltd Construction London
ETS (SW) Ltd Electrical Bristol
Dakin Construction Croydon
BYK Chemicals Chemicals Burton
B2S Services Telecoms & Energy Tyne & wear
Melett Turbochargers Huddersfield
Shoden Data Data storage London
Sturminster Construction Dorset
Adam Howard Construction - Regeneration Doncaster
Lee Brown Construction Oxford
Edwards Partnership QS & PM Shrivenham
Plant Impact Agriculture scientists Preston
Lad Properties Construction Edgware
ITCM Software Northamptonshire
John Collins Botswana
S Bannister Manufacturing Worksop
Visual Logistics Transport Fareham
Ray Banham Construction East Sussex
Edmund Nuttall Construction Teignmouth
Icon Surveyors & Project Managers Bishop's Stortford
Ashton MEC Business Consultancy St Austell

The diversity of industries is very wide from Offshore Banking to Marine, Aerospace to Brewing Consultants to Pharmaceuticals, Retail to Charities & all aspects of Construction.

To see a selection of more companies that have purchased this year click here